The Catholic Faith is taught at each grade level.  It includes four dimensions: Message (Content), Community, Worship, and Service.  Students attend Mass as a school at least once a week.  Students and staff pray together daily.  The basic theme for each grade is:  Pre-K and Kindergarten - God loves us and the world; grade one - God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; grade two - Baptism, Eucharist, and Penance; grade three -Church; grade four - Ten Commandments and Beatitudes; grade five - Sacraments; grade six - God and the Bible, particularly the Hebrew Scriptures.

Language Arts

There is a strong emphasis on phonics in kindergarten through grade three. Students are taught D’Nealian Handwriting beginning in kindergarten.  Cursive writing begins in the middle of grade two. The reading program is a literature-based program using a variety of literatures. English grammar and writing skills are taught. Spelling is also part of the language arts program.


Manipulatives are used throughout the grades to introduce, develop and reinforce concepts. Basic concepts, computation and problem solving are included in the program. We also utilize an online program called Mathletics in each grade level.


The school uses an activity-based program. Students do a variety of experiments to facilitate the understanding of concepts. Scientific process and exploration are emphasized.

Social Studies

The primary grades focus on various aspects of community and geography, grade four studies U.S. History up through the Civil War, grade five studies U.S. History from the Civil War to the present, and grade six concentrates on Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Canada. Geography, civics and history are also included.


Students are exposed to the basic vocabulary of the Spanish language, along with the cultures, traditions, and history of Spain and the Latin American countries.

Physical Education

The program includes movement education, fitness, manipulative skill development, games and sports. Classes are held on the playground and in the Cuddy Hall gymnasium. Health classes are also taught one week per quarter as part of this program.


The program encompasses perceptual awareness, production of artworks, artistic heritage, art criticism and aesthetics.


The program includes basic musical concepts and theory, music appreciation, liturgical music, recorders, and singing.


Computer literacy, keyboarding, desktop publishing, word processing, and use of the Internet are some topics introduced and taught.

Library Science

Students are instructed in the proper use of books and the library, the organization of the library, and the use of research materials. Students are exposed to a variety of authors and books.


Curriculum objectives by grade level and the Diocean statement on the Common Core Standards can be found at: