First Grade

You might say first grade is all about firsts! Students have their first homework assignments; first Friday Spelling and Reading tests, first planners, as well as working to build stamina to stay focused and organized! We are learning to read, comprehend, and apply what has been learned. We are exploring numbers, problem solving, and learning about the world around us in an encouraging and loving environment.

Language Arts

Students are immersed in a setting filled with good fiction and nonfiction books, word work, poetry, and problem solving skills through the Balanced Literacy Approach and the Orton – Gillingham Multi-Sensory Approach which both use the natural learning styles of children. Students use guided reading books on their level to practice reading skills and improve fluency. Our poetry journals and reading journals are a wonderful way for the children to learn grammar rules, and comprehension skills such as comparing and contrasting, visualizing, and making text connections.


Math lessons are developmentally appropriate with the use of manipulative and concrete activities which help the children grasp mathematical concepts symbolically. We incorporate the philosophy of providing children with many experiences that move them from concrete to pictorial to abstract concepts of number. The students learn strategies to add and subtract one and two digit numbers without regrouping, problem solving and the beginning stages of understanding time, money, fraction, data collection, measurement and geometry.


Faith is developed through a spiral curriculum based on the four pillars of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. These four pillars of Catholic doctrine are: What Catholics Believe, How Catholics Worship, How Catholics Live and How Catholics Pray. The students participate in school service projects and donate money to the mission jar for the needy. First graders also learn about saints and go to weekly Mass with our fourth grade prayer buddies. Weekly visits and lessons from Fr. Winchel are a special treat for the children.

Science and Social Studies

Concepts are taught using project based learning and exploration. The children are excited and involved investigating their world.