Second Grade

The curriculum for second graders builds heavily on first grade curriculum. The year focuses on a deeper awareness of God and His Church, new Science concepts, more complex Math operations, increased understanding of Reading and Writing skills, a greater understanding of communities and our nation, and more student independence. The second grade is a year full of many new adventures!!

Here are just a few main ideas, concepts, and skills for Second Grade:


The goal of second grade Religious education is to improve the students’ knowledge of the Catholic Faith, liturgies, moral formation, family, community, prayer life, and their respect for others. Second graders grow in their understanding of the Ten Commandments, the sacraments, and the importance of their participation in Mass. With great anticipation and excitement they look forward to making their first Reconciliation and receiving their First Holy Communion!

The students are always ready to learn about God and to improve their relationship with Him and others. They look forward to the weekly Masses, visits from our Priests, Holy Days Activities, and Prayer Buddy Activities.

Language Arts

Second grade is a year of highly visible progress in Reading and Language Arts.

Students make many major accomplishments during second grade. They become fluent readers who are capable of independently reading, comprehending, and responding to literature. As writers, they learn how to write complete sentences and paragraphs using correct spelling and punctuation.  In English, students continue to master their knowledge and usage of grammar skills including nouns, verbs, and adjectives. This allows them to complete writing units such as personal narratives, writing a friendly letter, and proofreading skills. In handwriting, students begin the year reviewing the D’Nealian Manuscript alphabet. In the 3rd quarter students are eager to learn D’Nealian cursive. They progress into entirely cursive by the end of fourth quarter!


Second graders are guided through the knowledge and skill building of numbers and operations, two and three digit addition and subtraction with or without regrouping, counting and using money, telling and understanding time, the recognition of plain shapes and figures, and the use of customary and metric measurement. They also explore fractions and multiplication.

  • Major milestones for second grade Math include:
  • Applying number sense to the four basic operations
  • Understanding the use of money in real life situations
  • Developing spatial reasoning in relation to geometric shapes
  • Applying the various methods of measurement
  • Exploring probability and using data


Second grade Science energizes the students through print, inquiry, and digital experiences. The students engage in reading and computer lessons, and hands-on activities as they explore the areas of animal and plant life cycles and environments, the earth, it’s history, and its resources, weather, the Solar System, changes in matter, and energy and magnets. The use of technology is implemented in digital lessons which include interactive presentations and virtual labs. Science allows the students to really begin to expand their horizons.

Social Studies

In Social Studies, the students are introduced to many core concepts on a basic level. They explore types of neighborhoods and communities in our cities, states, country and our world. They realize the importance of using natural resources and how that affects the history, culture, and economics of a location and Georgia. United States history, citizenship, government, and US symbols are studied along with geography. Map and globe skills, and the study of famous American citizens, events, holidays, and places enrich their Social Studies knowledge.

Second grade opens the door to a new world of opportunities!